Emnée van den Brandeler
Assistentin / Doktorandin
Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät
Departement Künste, Medien, Philosophie
Professur Wild

Assistentin / Doktorandin

Steinengraben 5
4051 Basel

Tel. +41 61 207 07 99


In 2019, I completed my BSc degree in veterinary medicine at the University of Utrecht. In 2020, I completed my MA degree in Applied Ethics at the University of Utrecht. During both degrees, I concerned myself with reimagining the human-animal-relationship and questioned what is required of individuals and institutions in order to achieve justice for animals.

Since the autumn of 2020, I have been working on my PhD thesis as part of the PRIMA Project “Beastly Politics – a theory of justice for nonhuman animals”. My supervisors are Prof. Dr. Angela Martin and Prof. Dr. Markus Wild.

PhD Thesis

I explore the concept of ignorance and its role in the political non-responsiveness to animal injustices. The aim is to develop a useful concept of ignorance with which to explore the issue of animal injustice. In order to do so, I frame ignorance as a major obstacle to asserting interspecies justice. This leads me to consider in what way ignorance about animal injustices comes about, as an interplay between individuals and institutions. Moreover, I question whether—and under what circumstances—we can indeed be held responsible for our actions if they come from a place of ignorance. Furthermore, I explore how different actors must discourage the production of ignorance in order to halt its contribution to the continuation of animal injustices.